Welcome to Walk in My GardenWe Love Gardening!

There are many reasons to love gardening, including:

  • For exercise
  • To create beauty
  • For our emotional well-being
  • To grow our own safe and healthy food

Some of us enjoy the social side of gardening, others like the competitive side of growing the very best rose or melon. Still others like to create memories, gardening with their children or grandchildren.

This website was created to share information about all kinds of gardening. We are here to educate, enlighten, and entertain.

Being close to nature and making things grow is heaven on earth, as far as we are concerned. We love growing our own vegetables, growing beautiful flowers, and designing cute fairy gardens.

Whether you live in the country, with it’s wide open spaces, or in the city, with room for only a few small pots, you can be a gardener!

Browse our pages to learn best practices, and to get (and give) ideas, and to see lots of pictures of different types of gardens.

Whatever your reasons for gardening, we at Walk In My Garden like to find interesting stories, articles and videos to entertain and teach you about various forms of gardening.

We hope you enjoy your walk in our garden!

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