Neat Container Ideas For Fairy Gardens

A fairy garden can be created in your backyard or it can be done in a regular planter. However, what many fairy gardening hobbyists do is to pick a container that’s something a fairy might really use – something cute or whimsical.

Fairy Garden in a Metal Tub

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The key is that there isn’t a right or wrong way to do this as long as the container or area will be able to sustain the plant life.

Wheelbarrow Gardens

You can create a fairy garden inside of a wheelbarrow and have the fairy garden remain in one place. Or you can leave it so that you can move the wheelbarrow around to take advantage of the best areas of your lawn for the plants to receive sun. What some people have done is to create a fairy garden in a container like a wheelbarrow or a wooden barrel and place it at the bottom of a large tree.

Then they create little steps leading up from the container that are tacked onto the tree. The bottom of the steps lead to the fairy garden in the container. But at the top of the steps, there is a little wooden door called a wooden fairy tree trunk door, or it might be under the name of a gnome door, but either will work.

When this is all put together, it looks like the fairy spends her time flitting from her home in the tree to tend to her lovely garden in the container down below. Children especially like this fairy garden because they imagine all of the ways the fairy flits back and forth.

Themed Fairy Gardens

For example, one theme would be a beach fairy garden. You would use blue stones to simulate the water and have brown sand for the beach. Your decorations would also be miniature beach items.

Fairy Garden Beach

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Fairy Garden in a Basket

A fairy garden can also be created in a basket. You would want to use a sturdy basket that could hold some weight, like a bamboo basket, and you’d want to line it to keep the soil from falling out if you planned to move the basket. But if you do line it, make sure that there are enough holes for the water to drain.

The reason for having a moveable container in a basket is because you can create these as individual fairy gardens and your kids can move them where they want them to go or you can create them and give them away as wonderful birthday or other special day gifts.

Birdbath Gardens

And kids have great ideas when it comes to container ideas, so you might want to get their input too when you’re choosing one. You can also use a regular sized birdbath to create a fairy garden and these are also great if you plan to create a fairy garden with a theme.

Fairy Garden in a Mailbox

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Wooden Drawers

There have also been some hobbyists who have used wooden dresser drawers as their fairy garden container. While this will work for awhile, wood will eventually break down because of the moisture from watering the plants.

So keep that in mind if you decide to go with that option. If you definitely want to use a drawer, then you might consider using fake plants that don’t require watering at all.

Fairy Garden in a Tin Tub

You can use tin tubs for your fairy garden or if you like the look of wood and you want your fairy garden to have a more natural look, you can choose a resin container.

These can take the shape of many different items including boxes that look like fences. They’re charming and perfect for a fairy landscape.  Clay pots make good fairy garden containers.

These can be painted on the outside to reflect the magical world they contain. But what you can also do is to use a broken or halved large clay pot. You can show different levels of the fairy living just like you see with homes built on cliffs or rocks.

Fairy Garden in a Suitcase

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Old metal beds, plastic suitcases or vintage steamer trunks also make good containers and you can often find these at a fairly low cost. You might want to stroll through a local flea market or garage sale and specifically look for fairy garden finds there!

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