Planning and Preparing a Vegetable Plot for Winter

Now is the time to think about preparing a vegetable plot for winter, so it will have the best chance to succeed in the spring.

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How To Winterize Your Outdoor Potted Plants

Winter will be here soon. You’ll want to winterize your potted outdoor plants so they’ll survive until spring by following these tips.

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Fall Gardening

September Gardening

Now that summer is coming to an end, you may be wondering what you can do in September to prepare your garden for the coming winter and the next summer.

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Raised Bed Gardening

Less Space and Higher Yields with Raised Bed Gardening

If you’re looking for a way to grow a garden in a limited amount of space, while producing high yields, raised bed gardening may just fill the ticket!

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Flower Bulbs in Pots

Digging Up Flower Bulbs for Winter

Traditional lore states that bulbs should be dug up and separated every year once they are dormant, but this is actually not necessary in many cases.

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Growing Vegetables

Five Great Things to Grow for First Time Vegetable Growers

If you are completely new to vegetable gardening, here are five easy crops that are perfect for those who want to give it a go without splashing right in at the deep end.

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Deer Eating Vegetation

Saving Your Garden from Deer

Do you suspect that it’s the deer in your area that have been munching on your garden plants? Deer are the bane of many a gardener’s existence.

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Nutrient Rich Soil

Creating Compost and Recycling Nutrients in the Garden

You should be able to return all of your garden’s surplus back into the system to create a strong and sustainable ecosystem that can keep you fed for many years to come.

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Ten Great Vegetables for Home Vegetable Gardens

it can be difficult to find good quality in some types of vegetables, so if there is a big difference in quality, that could be a great reason for growing your own.

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A Smiling Gardener

Why Gardening Is Good for Your Health and Your Life

Gardening is a fantastic activity in many ways. It’s a great form of exercise, stress reliever, creative outlet, and just plain old good fun. Here are a few other reasons why gardening is a great all-around activity.

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